Saturday, November 25, 2006

The small bear that lives at my house

We got a cat for my oldest daughter's 2nd birthday 7 years ago. He was a little bitty kitten that we found at the pet store after being turned down by the animal shelter. They do credit checks! And they want letters of reference! They turned us down because we had a young child and apparently as a rule they do not adopt out pets to families with children!!?? So we looked all over the newspaper and pet stores and couldn't find a cat. It was so weird because whenever you DON'T want a cat, people are offering them all over the place.

We finally went to a pet store in the suburbs and there we found him. He was so lovey; crawling all over us and kissing us. So we took him home and I told dh I wanted him to grow into a really big fat cat.

7 years later, we have a 21 pound tiger cat. He is the biggest cat I have ever seen. He actually caught a mouse a little while ago, which I was not excited about because it meant we had mice in the house, but I have to say I was impressed. Dh and I joked about how he must have sat on it accidentally and it suffocated. It took our 21 month old 18 months to catch up to the cat's weight.

Everyone that comes to our house comments on the size of the cat. I tell them he's actually a small bear.

We are switching to Wysong geriatric formula and we thought he had been eating less as we worked on slowly mixing more of it into his Meow Mix. That was, until dh found him in the bag of Meow Mix with just his tail sticking out.

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