Monday, November 27, 2006

Anyone out there?

I'm not doing this for anyone but myself:P I suppose when I want people to read it I'll actually tell them I'm blogging! As of now, not even dh knows. I have stated before that I do not like blogs. That must have been like my blanket statement "I will not live on the SE side of the city"~ which is exactly where I live now, and in a very nice little neighborhood, I might add.

So I'm thinking that not a soul is reading this, which today is just fine. I had a diary when I was young that had a lock on it and a teeny tiny key. I never knew what to write in there. I didn't really understand the value of writing things down. I'm hoping this turns out to be theraputic. It feels like when I force myself to call my friends when I would rather curl up and cease to exist for a while. Reaching out~ to who? Myself, I guess. Sorting out my thoughts, with nothing too weird or crazy, on the off chance that someone actually reads this!

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analisa_roche said...

I'm out here. I'm a fellow MDC mama (Megs Mom) and I found your blog from a link over there. {{{HUGS}}}