Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My 24 hour cold

I am consistently astonished and amazed by homeopathy.

Last night I had a sore throat in the evening. By bedtime (1am) it was extremely sore and I was achey and stuffy~ full blown sick. I took my remedy~ Aurum Arsenicum~ in a 12c a grand total of 3 times in 24 hours and as of now I have only residual stuffiness, no achiness, not a trace of a sore throat. This is in sharp contrast to my mother, who left work early because she felt so sick, and my youngest sister, who has now missed 2 days of work both due to the same illness I had. Did I mention I love homeopathy?

Soon I expect to have my annual conversation with my mother. It will go something like this:
ME: Mom, are you feeling OK? You sound like you might be sick
MOM: I hab a bad colb. I hab a feber of 103* and I am bery hot and then bery colb
ME: Sounds like it might be the flu.
MOM: It is not the flu. I got by shot.
ME: Are you sure?
MOM: Yes. I bight have to go to the doctor because I feel like I bight die. Thank goodness I got the shot. Just ibagine how BAD it would be ib I didn't!!

My poor mother. She really does try (sometimes). It's far to easy to be brainwashed by the masses.

On the subject of the flu shot, it's gotten so that I am afraid to go in public lest someone attacks me while weilding a flu vaccine. Geesh! I can't go anywhere, look, or listen to anything without being told about how I must get the flu shot. I am at least thankful that they are kind enough to let me know when and where they are giving Flu Mist, so I can avoid that place and time at all costs. You do all know that the mist is a live vaccine and therefore is easily transmitted to others, right?

Stock up on the Oscillo!


Anonymous said...

Hmm, I didn't know that about Flu Mist! I don't vax my 2yo daughter, we always try to stay clear of people who look like they might have a cold.

I found your story thru MDC, looking for homebirth stories and balled my eyes out reading what happened to Marissa and you, and of course your family. Hugs, hugs, hugs. I can't imagine what you have experienced. Thank you for opening your heart, writing about it, keep writing!!
aka Nani at MDC

Clark Bartram said...

Flu Mist contains a live but attenuated virus. It causes the sniffles but not the flu.

barefoot mama said...

Please explain further. I would be interested to know how it happens that the actual live flu virus would cause something other than the flu, whether "mild", or "severe".

Clark Bartram said...

It is a weakened virus that does not cause what is typically thought of as "the flu" which is usually fairly severe. Many people use the term "the flu" in reference to any viral symptomatology that is unusually severe. To many people they either have "a cold" or "the flu". My comment was about the typical lay definition and I of course realize that technically the person is infected with the influenza virus.

The live flu vaccine causes a runny nose and mild congestion in most. There are reports of more severe flu like symptoms but these occur no greater than in placebo controlled populations so it's likely not from the vaccine. I am just speaking of potential adverse outcomes related to infectious properties of the vaccine. This particular vaccine is limited as far as who should get it. Adverse outcomes would be different in immunocompromised populations, those who are allergic to components of it, etc.

I would prefer the live vaccine over the shot because it provides protection within a much shorter period of time as opposed to 2 weeks. But because I work with immunocompromised children I can't.