Sunday, December 10, 2006

Done with the Flea

This will be only my third post regarding this ridiculous debate over my daughter. I do not know how one becomes a "mega blogstar", but I have neither the desire nor the time to attempt to become one or to argue with one. I have 5 small children still living and who need my care and attention.

Last I read on his blog, Flea claims to have read his post nearly a dozen times. His errors have been brought to his attention. The things he purports to be in Marissa's story are simply not there. He refuses to or is incapable of understanding the printed word when it is not in line with his own thought process. Arguing with irrational people is always pointless. He appears to have quite a following of young medical students and residents, so I will leave them all to their fun and brainwashing after this.

To deny that adverse reactions exist is to deny evidence which has been proven by the medical community itself. The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program exists for a reason. The CDC itself discusses the potential for seizures following vaccination. Pulling up some random PubMed article proves nothing to anyone. The fact is that vaccines can and do cause serious, potentially life threatening complications. For everyone's information, no where in recorded history does the slightest inclination toward seizures exist on either side of Marissa's family.

Obviously not every child reacts to the vaccines as my daughter did. So there is some predisposition there. But it was not known until she received the shots. There is no way of knowing what will happen to an individual child until then. In my family, we have decided that our children stand a better chance against any one of the vaccine preventable diseases than the vaccines. I am not willing to chance this happening to another one of my children. How dare anyone intimate that my daughter was an acceptable loss. She was not. I'm fairly certain no one who loves their children would hold them up for sacrifice for some perceived betterment of society.

Marissa's neurologist is considered one of the top pediatric neuros in the world. He is also a very understanding and compassionate human being. His mind has opened a bit after so many years of dealing with worst-case senerios. He never found a diagnosis for Marissa in the year and years spent looking. He has stated that vaccines can and do cause reactions such as we saw in Marissa. Of course, he believes in the vaccines despite this, because he is still a doctor after all.

Every person MUST educate themselves in all areas affecting their health and their child's health. No, doctors don't like it when you walk into their office with the attitude that you might actually know something about your own health, your own body, your own child. So what? Your doctor does not have to live with the results of what happens in his or her office. So they bad mouth you to friends and colleagues~ oh well! We need to all get over that, and fast. These are serious decisions with serious consequences~ from whether you need heart medication to whether or not you decide to vaccinate your children. We forget time and again that our money is paying their salary. We are their employers. Ignore the doctors with the god-complexes. Refuse to pay their salaries. Use that money toward a decent doctor or other health care provider.

I may come back later and post some relevant links. Right now I must go so I can take my children to a friend's birthday party. Hey~ look at that~ I guess my children aren't alone and isolated despite my crazy homeschooling ways.


Melfina the Blue said...

Found your blog from Flea. After reading, I just wanted you to know that I will think long and hard. I don't have children yet, but I will defn be doing a great deal of research before those vaccination times come around. My great sympathies for your loss, and best of luck in the future.M

Anonymous said...

Every time I see the heading, I think "down with fleas". Maybe that's because I have kitties and when we had fleas, they ate lots of garlic/brewer's yeast wafers and the fleas went away! I wonder if this would apply here?

melissa said...

I just wanted you to know hun. My daughter had a VERY VERY severe reaction to the DTaP which put her in the hospital for a week. At 4 months old we went for a check (I didn't know we didn't HAVE to go and get shots) they said she was doing AWSOME she was rolling over and smiling. She got the shot and went home. After her being asleep for 4 hours I went to wake her up. She was limp and burning to the touch. Her leg was very bright red and so so swollen.

When we were dismissed from the hospital they declared it was a 'virus' but our pedi filed a report with VAERS it was a reaction to her shots.

After 4 months old my daughter stopped smiling and rolling over. She didn't sit up alone till 9 months crawl till 11 and didn't walk till 18 months. At 22 months she still hardly smiled and had the speach of a 9 month old. Needless to say Shots ruined her life.

Our story wasn't as heartbreaking an ending as yours but you are definately not alone and idiots like Flea need to realize that and stop being a parasite on humanity