Saturday, December 16, 2006

Is it Christmas yet?

In this year that I have worried about Christmas for my children, my house is overflowing with presents for them. While I was busy feeling resentful of the family we adopted and took donations for so "they" could have a good Christmas, other wonderful people were busy making sure my children would have one, too. We have received many many boxes of goodies from MDC mamas. Then a RL friend handed me an armful of presents for my children out of the blue. As I was bringing them in from the van, my neighbor stopped to talk to me and let me know she had presents for each one of my children. One of my dh's coworkers called yesterday to ask when he could bring gifts for us.

So I am reminded of Karma. What goes around comes around, you reap what you sow; and all that. I am quite honestly surprised, considering the negative attitude I had about our adopted Christmas family. I do seem to be over that now, thank goodness. We managed to find brand new bikes for each of their children, and did very well getting almost everything they needed and asked for. This Tuesday we will be delivering the presents and I am so excited to do that. We will need to make two trips because with all the presents and food, it will not fit into our full-size van!

It has been a struggle to do for others in the midst of intense grief. But it has been healing as well. I think as our angel Marissa watches over us, she approves.

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