Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Dr. Flea

I wasn't going to go here. I've tried really hard to stay away, but here I go anyway.

Remember this guy? Here's a link to my own blog because OOPS! the supermega blogstar's blog is gone!

Want to know what happened? Well, the short story is, his ego got way out of control. Here's the long story, which I very accidentally ran accross, having no intention of ever going back to his blog again.

Just a friendly reminder to do your best to choose a doctor with a smaller EGO, as difficult as that may be.


chasmyn said...

But 8in a way, it is his ego that ultimately won the case for you, right? correct me if I'm wrong. Trying to see the sort of positive.

Reading the article without realizing the connection, I was thinking, "wow, this guy WANTED to be caught and punished." How else does one explain such audacity?

What a piece of work, this guy. Wow.

barefoot mama said...

Oh yes, it definitely was his ego that let the defendants win~ it wasn't me~ he just chose to tear me apart for fun (on his blog). He has no idea who I am.

So.......yes, I can definitely see the positive here. I was struggling with posting anything because I didn't want to be negative, but I finally decided it would be better to let just a little bit out.

You might be right about wanting to be caught. I hadn't thought about that. Makes sense!

Anonymous said...

Ivy league huh? Where the plants go to school. I've known of profs from Ivy schools, and I tell you, they weren't anything special. Physician heal thyself (if he can). It's sad how many of these 'fleas' medical schools churn out. I hope he's barred from 'practicing' medicine, because apparently he needs a lot of practice with it. How'd he get past the MCAT?