Friday, January 26, 2007


Sleep deprivation is not fun. I understand why it's used as torture when I am nursing a babe who jerks awake repeatedly, just as I am about to nod off. My poor brain thinks it's about to shut down, only to be jarred back to life. Then there is the toddler, who for some reason has decided that nursing 5 to 7 times each night is a great idea. I try to tell her no, but she is loud. If you have little ones, you understand. The screaming wakes the whole house up. And believe me, the only solution is to give in and nurse. We try appealing to her toddler sensibility and beg her to please be patient while Mommy finishes nursing the baby. I try to get her to wait until the sun comes up, or to get "Daddy huggies", I've even promised to make cookies the next day. All to no avail. There is only one thing that will make her quiet, and that's nursies.

The baby is learning to crawl, which is really cute. He is taking his sweet time. Pushing up on hands and knees and looking around for approval. Kids #2 through #5 were all zipping around on all fours at 5 months, pulling to stand at 6 months, and taking first steps at 8 months. I am enjoying this slower pace. This is the track Marissa was on.

Anyway, I think that part of the baby's sleep difficulty comes from learning a new skill. Doesn't the brain rewire or something when new skills are learned? So for this reason, I want him to just go ahead and crawl. I am TIRED. I realize the outlet plugs will have to be plugged back in and the gate will have to go up at the top of the steps, and he will have to be vigilantly watched, but maybe I can rest at night so I can actually keep up with all that.

So what the heck am I doing up right now when all the children are sleeping? I realize this is stupid. I am going to bed.


Christine said...

I have question. I thought that a woman couldnt get pregnant while breastfeeding. Is this true? After reading your post I started thinking about it.

I wasnt able to breastfed my boys because I had a breast reduction 11 years before they were born. I didnt really care at the time, when I was told that I wouldnt be able to, hell I was 25 and my shoulders and back hurt. Plus I couldnt fit into clothes that fit me everywhere expect the boobs.
I was overly huge, and it was very cumbersome. I feel bad now because of the surgery but there is nothing I can do about it.....

barefoot mama said...

I've gotten pregnant while breastfeeding 5 times so far:o)

It is true~ sort of. As long as you are nursing on demand around the clock, don't supplement, sleep with your baby,and don't use paci's AND your cycle hasn't come back yet, your chance of getting pregnant is very very small. It's around 1% before the baby is 6 months old and around 3% for the next few months. But the older the baby gets, the more your chance of getting pregnant goes up regardless of whether or not you have your cycle back. And as soon as it starts, most women are fertile again.

Don't feel bad about the surgery (easy to say, harder to do, I'm sure). Who could blame you for that? You were in pain.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the response. I had every nurse who knew anything about breastfeeding in my hospital room for 3 days after I delivered my triplets. We tried everything but it didnt work. They even contacted the plastic surgeon that performed the surgery and he gave them some hope. I guess anything is possible! But it wasnt with me. Oh well. Nursing 3 hungry boys would have been very hard. But I would have done it.