Sunday, February 11, 2007

My shameless plug

If you know anyone who needs a child's walker, please send them here:

OK, I do see that I can insert hyperlinks here, but I am now officially out of time and patience, so anyone who wants to can cut and paste. Sorry! I am working on my lack of computer literacy little by little.

Also, this apparently does not work at all on Firefox. I can only see the whole link on Safari. Amazing~ weren't computers supposed to make our lives easier??

This was my daughter's walker. She sat in it one time and was never healthy enough to use it. We got it just weeks before she died. It's as new as you can get, and we don't want nearly as much as it costs in it's present condition. Rifton sells this exact one for almost $3,000. For someone without good insurance, this would be a good thing.

That was my shameless plug. We really, really need this to sell.

Thanks for reading:) And now you can check out my knitting below;o)

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